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Tiana sitting on a fallen tree in a forest.


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08/08/22 — I find myself falling behind with web projects lately! But not in life... lots of exciting things in the works that I dare not jinx just yet. This website might be quiet, but it's only the calm before the storm! New windy day coming soon, for example. Unrelated, I love irish folk music.

05/23/22 — I've updated the windy day webpage with the newsletter's archive! I hope you enjoy my little email diary...

04/10/22 — Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by. I like having a place to unwind on the internet. Tiana.land is a place for me to be myself, and to explore the web on my own terms. I think it's good to be intentional about how we use the internet. I know because it's something I'm constantly working on. Social media has a strong hold on me, so it's refreshing to work on my own websites (and to explore other independent web projects) because this slower web experience feels much more organic and sustainable for my mind. My personal website's home page is in dutch because it's a language I'm trying to learn, and because my web experience is over-saturated with english! Since most of the dutch is linked, you can maybe understand it from the links context, also because the words are often quite similar to the english translation. Anyways, feel free to follow my newsletter for updates, or stop by again soon. You can also email me at tianadueck{at}pm.me