The <a> of least resistance.

Esther Hicks is another person who inspires me.

Being online is an emotional experience.
Let's listen to Esther talk for a moment, think about how what she says relates to your relationship with the web.

Where is the source within you guiding you?

We can freely post things to our social channels, but we still reside within online structures that are constructed with capitalism at the center. So, I think we should create a home for our vortex on the web.

Social platforms often become cluttered with content, and advertise a desirable lifestyle, like a mall. They put us on an illusive path of greater resistance at a low frequency, with fast momentum.

It's easy to forget how intense our relationship with the web and how we navigate it can really be. Often, before we know it, we've developed some kind of dependency to certain corners of the internet.

So, for some peace of mind, we can withdraw and clear our own paths that harmonizes with our vortex, as individuals and communities.

Let's keep the idea of withdrawing and retuning in mind as we determine the proximity between our source and each link on our maps.

I am in my vortex. →