Welcome to Algae Cottage

with tiana dueck (address: tiana.land/naive)
Hello travellers! Welcome to my cottage, I built it in a meadow not far from Naive town around 2020, when I started getting really into algae. Here, I’ve been reflecting on plants and their evolution from the water to land. It’s got great internet too, so I can keep up with my web projects. Anyways, please make yourself at home.

I like the web, it has shaped me as a person in many ways. I also like algae. My username is often algae or water silk online. — Here, I'm reflecting on two of my favourite things: the indie-web and algae, with the umbrella of social practices to ponder via 9 chapters, inspired by the timeline of plant evolution: cyanophyta, volvox, stoneworts, liverworts, cooksonia, ferns, ginkgos, magnolias, and rice.

A couple billion years ago, the great oxidation event occurred. Thanks to cyanobacteria, blue-green algae, there was a great extinction of the Earth's existing life, along with the unfolding of a new pathway for evolution. Even today, we have algae to thank for regulating the oxygen we breathe, and assisting with maintaining a human-sufficient atmosphere. There's actually a lot of ways to use the algae, and there's a massive abundance of it to harvest due to climate change. From livestock feed to bioplastics which would improve our greenhouse gas emissions immensely, yet we seem a bit slow to the chase... algae remains a bit of an unsung hero. I've been pondering how algae has changed the world with evolution, and how the indie web has changed mine similarly.

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