Finding my 2022 self in the threads of SoHo

Jan 25, 2022

Willkommen im Windy Day. This chapter...
Finding my 2022 self in the threads of SoHo
7 pieces that make me wonder who I am going to be next.


Dear Gales,
I visited SoHo NY a while ago to find myself through trying on clothes, and my experience was fruitful. The best way to learn about and find new (to you) designers is to fall in love with them at first sight. So, I wandered through many a boutique, and was swept off my feet by Paul Harnden, Marc Le Bihan, Maison Margiela, Faye Toogood, and Eckhaus Latta.
At the time of my window shopping spree, I’d just turned 24, and was wading in that special COVID-19 dread. Most of us have been feeling the fabric of time move faster than ever before... For me, that results in choice paralysis. One resolution for me, is experimenting with Style — it's one way that I tangibly make simple progressive personal decisions in my life. So, I love trying on new clothes that inspire me to dive further into whatever character they bring out of me.
My question this year is, “How many people can I be?”... So let's sketch that out with 6 pieces that have inspired me to keep growing since trying them on myself.

Let's do some world building!

* * *

1. Paul Harnden Coats

There is truly a lack of Paul Harnden photos/info online? The coats I tried on were probably the ones pictured… The brand has a quiet social media presence, so mysterious! But the masters (eg. Rei Kawakubo) recognize Harnden's work. Plus, he’s a Canadian treasure.

In this coat, I am a devoted drama writer living above a secondhand book store somewhere in London, England. I have a cup of coffee with each meal, and cigarettes for dessert. I keep to myself and respond slowly to social duties. My parents live in Scotland, and own a ranch with horses, mules, and cats. On weeknights, I sit alone in local bars eavesdropping. I especially seek conversations between seniors about their pasts as wild youth. People think I’m mysterious but I just don’t have any opinions. I’m a Cancer sun with a Sagittarius moon.

2. Toogood Painted Baker Crop Leg Trouser & Photographer Jacket

I love how Toogood brings intentional context to their fashion design. As a well rounded brand that also specializes in interior design, they put practical research into understanding the type of crafts-person who would wear their garments, and then sculpt them with high-quality materials. They bring chicness and luxury to the chaotic crafts-person lifestyle.

In this set I am a Spanish painter living in Barcelona. Dwelling in an apartment that’s just a 20 minute walk from the water. I like to walk to the shore every weekend with my headphones in on the way there, and out on the way back, so I can listen to all the people and traffic passing my ears. I’m reading 6 books at once, and open every conversation with “What’s your favourite body of water?”, because I really like water. I paint a lot of abstract water and wind pieces. I have a cat called Bunny, who I carry around on a leash in a tote bag to and from the park on special mornings. I cook a lot of food and often share it with my neighbours. I listen to a lot of pop music in private. I’m a Virgo sun with a Gemini moon.

3. Margiela Inside Out Panelled Jeans

We know Maison Margiela rocks, and has a wide range. One thing I especially like about Margiela, and that we see in these jeans, is when they bring just enough revision to an ordinary piece of clothing. Like, these are incredible, and when I met them in real life I was floored. Yet the idea is pretty simple — just weird enough. As well, these jeans fit me (and I cannot stress this enough) like a custom glove.

Wearing these pants I am a divorced Dad who found a new purpose in Golden, British Columbia working as a furniture-maker. Sometimes I work overnight and sleep in the studio, in the morning I’ll switch my pants to the other side, and my underwear too. I live in a small house, where my 16 year old kid stays in the basement on weekends. I like to run and ski. I have a lot of shoes, but they’re all unique. I also depend on various styles of linen and silk button ups to spice up an outfit. So yeah, my uniform is reversible jeans, a button up, and an unpredictable pair of shoes. I taught my kid to skateboard and now he’s better than me. I am a hopeless sensitive romantic, my life is constantly the first act of a romantic movie. A Capricorn sun with a Leo moon.

4. Marc Le Bihan Ruffled Tulle Skirt Aubergine

I came to New York with a dream to wear the perfect tutu, and did the stars ever align for me. It’s the rawness of MLB’s designs that make them ethereal — the blatant disregard for trends, and focus on sensual neutrality. When I tried on this skirt, it slid on and zipped up as if it were made for me, and I think it may have been.

In this masterpiece, I am Carrie Bradshaw's Belgian cousin. I couldn’t care less to be involved in drama, but I love gossip. I am an independent cobbler, who gets to spend all day fixing up shoes from my apartment. I walk everywhere because I love the way my tulle skirts make it feel as if I’m soaring through a cloud when I move. I only listen to ambient music. I make it myself as well, out of recordings from my corner of Antwerp. On weekends, I make bells that people can put around their homes and gardens. When I pass by, the whispering of tulle and jingling of small bells attached to my bag make me memorable. My closet is made up of Marc Le Bihan and things my friends have designed. Most of the time I’m not really thinking, just feeling… clear. I craft my own perfumes with flowers from my balcony garden. I am a Scorpio sun with a Pisces moon (That’s hot!).

5. Eckhaus Latta Wide Leg Jeans

My experience visiting the Eckhaus Latta store in Chinatown was comforting. The quaint worn-in under-Manhattan-bridge mall outlet felt welcoming. Neighbouring James Veloria, and other artistic outlet/studio spaces on the second floor, the atmosphere was creatively inspiring. I wanted to get to know the people who occupy that space. Anyways, these are the perfect jeans.

In these, I am someone who is obsessed with the challenge of understanding other people. I’m secure and indifferent about myself, I’d rather spend time hanging out with other interesting folks, asking them tons of questions like a toddler, and being a good friend to them. My self-care routine is a bit militant, only because I need to maintain my health so I can keep getting to know people. My uniform is loafers, these jeans, and a boxy purple mock neck (people say purple is a friendly colour). I have a podcast about old newspapers… I work as a journalist. In my free time I’m listening to Rihanna’s discography while writing a lot of letters to friends overseas (spraying Burberry Hero on each one). I’m a Libra sun and a Taurus moon (actually).

* * *

Those are 5 characters I’m inspired by, and 7 articles of clothing I want to wear all the time. Did you see yourself in any of them? This year, I’m being influenced by some of the traits these clothes channelled. I am going to be in constant flux. Let’s keep changing — ourselves and our clothes.

What’s inspiring change for you lately? lmk

Alles Liebe,