A guide to hosting a little event.

Mar 10, 2022

Good day,
It has been truly windy as of late.

This Windy Day, I'll share a guide to hosting a little event.
The other day, I hosted my first real event with tickets and everything.


It was really heart warming... and although it wasn't perfect, I learned a lot. So, here is a little list I've created on curating a nice event:

0: What kind of event do you want to host, and where?
A poetry night? Art show? Rager? Dinner party? Magazine launch? Hmmm.
Where would it take place? Indoor or outdoor? Could you collaborate with or rent a bar, book store, etc?
Choose a place, see step one, and then send whatever emails you must to confirm it.

1: Set a budget.
Just decide on a number, you can do it. Divide that by the amount of tickets you want to or think you can sell, and make that work.
If you're kind of new to the event thing, or don't have a huge audience, collaborate with a musician or artist who can also bring their crowd along. Together you can make your budget happen.

2: Recruit some friends to help.
My friends Sam and Carling helped me a ton in making my magazine launch event happen. You will not want to do this alone.

3: Look for sponsors ASAP.
I know it can be quite simple to get a beer sponsor, we almost had a beer sponsor for my event, but we were too late to ask (next time though!).
So, make sure to send your emails and make those calls as soon as you can. Nepotism comes in handy... think about who you or your friends might already know.
You can create some extra room in your budget with these kind sponsors :)

5: Set your intentions.
One thing I learned about hosting events is that you can commit to conceptualizing and cultivating a vibration as much as you want, but ultimately, the attendees will decide the energy.
Nevertheless, commit to your bit. And have no expectations that anything in particular will happen from it. Just offer an energy, the bolder the better.

4: Make a list of things you will need.
You can plan for something simple, or something extravagant.
Think about who you might already know who has cool things, and would be down to cultivate a vibe with you.
For me, that was my friend Sam of the band Spirit Josh. He works as an art director.
The band set up a whole campfire vibe set to play within, and it really helped to set the tone of the event, complete with moss and a bonfire lamp.


5: Mentally and physically prepare a few hours before.
Give yourself some space between finishing the set up and open doors to recuperate yourself, and enter your vortex (i think about this video alot too).
This will help you in committing to your vibration and the intention for your event (intention, not expectation).

6: Relax and watch it unfold.
Enjoy yourself! Have your to-do list for the night ready if needed, and watch it unfold.
It might be hard to let go of expectations, because you probably put a lot of time into preparations.
Nevertheless, just breathe and be thankful for those who saw the joy in attending. :)

Hope that helps. Please invite me, xo.