A brief beginners guide to wearing a skirt.

Jul 28, 2022

Dear Gale,

I'm not sure if you consider your style to be more on the Masculine side... if so: I'm here to announce that it's time for you to start your skirt journey, if you haven't already.
"I don't know if it's really for me!"
Gale... please, will you entertain it for a moment with me today...

Here is a 4 step guide to becoming a Regular Everyday Skirt Kind of Person TODAY (or tomorrow).

Rome was Not built in a day, neither is your harmony with skirts... let's start with something familiar: Pants. You are going to need a very wide pair of pants... so wide that the legs collide and you can't tell if it's a skirt or trousers unless you take a Wide Stride. Toogood, a brand that I've written of before (because their designs are so Ideal), is a great starting point... take the baker pant for instance. I will never forget the way that these trousers impacted my worldview once they were around my waist... simply enlightening. The clown pant is gorgeous for the warmer months... and Ann's Manu Drawstring comfort trousers were made for the truly chill.
Gailed has a lot of very fun opportunities for wide trousers... you could even make a pair yourself, it'd be pretty simple since they're so boxy. Look for pants like these at your local thrift stores... look a few sizes up than usual... look in the women's section. You never know what could be awaiting you.

As we focus on a Larger bottom piece (I'm really picturing you in a relaxed maxi/midi moment atm) to our fit... we Must regard the entire silhouette. Contrast your Worries about introducing a skirt with something more familiar (again), but emphasized.... an Extreme shirt. If your shirt is more extreme than the skirt, onlookers might not even notice you're in a skirt... and that nonchalance is key in looking Cool. Consider either going Ultra wide (be sure to (semi-)tuck or let it hannng — strictly no in-between) or Ultra slim (you will look like a charming bell...). When going wide, consider these amazing examples. And when going slim, keep these in mind (a little vest would be so cool).

If you're someone who thinks wearing a skirt is too Dramatic for your style... remember that a skirt can be one of the most laid-back garments of all. The best way to ease into skirts is to start by adding neutral relaxed classic styles to your wardrobe. Lean into pleats and asymmetry for a touch of spice. Thred Up is a nice source for affordable second-hand online shopping while you're experimenting (I bought this one a while ago). Again — make it yourself!! These sorts of garments are totally doable by hand sewing — find a show to binge and get to work, Gale.

Once you're comfy... think about what kind of stylistic elements emphasize your personality & style. Search for your own skirt inspo across the web and world. Are you a print person? Cargo? Kilt? Mini? Transparent? Shiny? Your skirt is your oyster... Just make sure it's you... expect some trial and error.
p.s. Try layering shirts over dresses.

~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ *

The other day, I made a dress for the first time (still working on getting a nice photo...)! I started with the skirt, and it was a breeze (apart from my rusty sewing machine skills). I hope to make a lot more skirts in the future... A tip for those who work Smarter, not harder: Just buy a big bed sheet, cut it to your desired size (while keeping an existing hem in good condition for the top), sew it into a cylinder, then cut a couple holes in the top hem to run a string through (use a safety pin to bunch it around the hem) to use as a drawstring! With one simple line of sewing, you've made your own skirt! Hem the bottom if you wish. You could also sew the drawstring in place (use an elastic for this option), and suddenly you have a relaxed gathered skirt! Anyways, explore your existing linen closet and find a comfortable place to sit and sew.

~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ *

Have you found me persuasive at all? I hope so... I just want u 2 have fun. <3