A dream is an opinion your heart makes.

Jan 14, 2023

deaest gale,

this week, another dream of mine came true.
(dat meen je niet!? — nee, het is allemaal waar.)
are.na shared a case study i wrote about the PLEASURE of HANDMADE FASHION on their blog!
this is my first published opinion (case study) piece... which means so much. having an interview published last month felt so huge, but to now have something published that is (mostly) all my own words is sooo exciting. the feedback has been so kind, some people seem to have really resonated with my ideas, which makes my heart glow. let me know if you read it!

verder, the patriarchy shows up in the film industry in mysterious ways. i went to a filmmakers club meeting in rotterdam yesterday — there's a part of our meetings dedicated to chatting with someone new.
so, i got into the typical "so what's your specialty?" conversation with my new dutch film friend... "i'm just kind of experimenting this year and i want to help with anything!" i said, honestly. "ya. well, the ones who choose a niche are the ones who get successful." he said (and we've all heard before). later, i got to thinking...
this is such a patriarchal way for an industry to function! does it not feel entirely masculine to require a set role in order to create a system that functions and generates "success"? omg. think about if the film industry had a matriarchal flow to it.... omg. just imagine it... all these feminine beings would flow with it! to be frank, with a bit of experience, training, and a good eye, most folks are quite capable to take on any film gig. they all intertwine! don't let the weird heavy equipment fool you. so, i've come to the conclusion that filmmaker is niche enough, and that it's only feminist to agree. nevertheless, lately multimedia storyteller has felt most true for me.

another update...
i am going to be posting a youtube video every week in 2023.
atm i have a few series' in the works to keep me on track...
i have a massive desire to make a few short essay films (video essays?) with input from The Public (so i will apparently be experimenting with street interviews)... — i'll be documenting the new (to me) cities that i visit in NL and the EU :) — i'll be doing a bit of asmr (this weeks video is asmr - dw if it's not your thing, most of it wont be that) — i'll still be posting some music. og and covers.. — i'm hoping my friends will let me film 20 min conversations with them hehe... i think it will be so nice to look back on as well for us. — and i'll be documenting some of my crafts and such...
i have so much embarrassment as a film graduate for getting into youtube but honestly it's not that deep and it's so fun, i love it. film is not holier than youtube imo and tbh u r not a feminist if you disagree! ha

recently i read something about how you should have opinions — not in a stubborn way, but in a way where you have opinions so relentlessly that eventually they erode and change under the pressure. i think this is a really interesting way to be open minded... through being opinionated. (in ref to an apology for idlers by robert louis stevenson)