a loneliness pick-me-up

Mar 31, 2023

dear gale,

i'm feeling a little lonely! not to worry. i am going to do something about it.

in friendship, i don't really expect anything from people. you have to be your own best friend, radiate that, and hope that it will reflect back... in my experience.

so, here are a few things i am doing lately to feel better when those pestering socially anxious thoughts invade...

1. i made a (vegan) recipe book for my roommates and me to choose something to cook together with! you can try it too... let me know if you do. ~ veganrecipebook.glitch.me

2. i am going to invite some friends over. i'll keep the details kind of private for now, but i'm going to plan a little gathering with some people who are dear to me and trust that at least one person will come.

3. i called a couple friends back in canada. ya, we also talked about projects we're working on together, but we also caught up and i was so glad to do that. maybe there is something to me thinking that people need a purpose/project to speak with me... i am trying to accept that just calling to call is a nice gesture.

4. i am going to a couple gatherings hosted by my friends. few feelings top that of being invited... i am so excited to see my friends in their elements. i love showing up for them.

5. i am going to send a newsletter. sometimes people respond with their thoughts. i like when a newsletter of mine provokes a personal reply. it's very heartwarming. if people don't respond, that's ok too. just showing up in your inbox is lovely enough.

6. i am going to take care of myself. i need to pick up some medicine from the apotheek and do a few other things for myself. i will need to show up for myself so that i can be there for my friends. one thing i want to be better at is being attentive. i want to remember the smaller details about my friends. i want them to feel loved and seen, so i should practice with myself. i like having friends who also mindfully tend to themselves!

how are you being a friend? i'm curious to know.

your friend,

p.s. hello! it has been a while. my life has changed!