i feel behind!

Jul 7, 2023

dear gale,

long time no see! life keeps happening, this has been a year of observing.

i feel behind! yet it's summer, so i am meant to be relaxing... i feel like i am not doing enough! and like there is too much to do! i am confused.

i think i need to go look at a mountain, i think that would fix everything, frankly.

icelandic turf houses at the foot of a mountain (big hill? volcano?).

i have been putting off my personal projects because i am feeling insecure! the most difficult thing to do when you're doing solo creative things is to just get the ball rolling. especially when you're like, 3/4 of the way through it. at that point, you're either stoked or a bit stressed by how it's going.

i often only feel insecure before i get my head back into the process. once i'm in the thick of it, i usually feel pretty chipper. but dang, that's easier to say than to believe. i know a part of me likes collaborative creative work because it means it's not 'all my fault'. i need to reflect on how much joy i really do get from making things alone! and being imperfect.

well, if i do what i've been putting off, will you? -- let's do it together.

things i've been up to

one kind of personal creative project i did recently was host a radio show about Canadian music on goodtimesbadtimes.club

GTBT expert and friend of mine, Benjamin Earl, was a big help to me that day. he showed me how to DJ and did some cool radio magic. we had some technical difficulties... i have learned that files downloaded from bandcamp sometimes don't agree with DJ softwares! meta data or something... next time i'll export them myself again to clean up the file a bit. that seems to work. anyways, i ended up DJing from my macbook's finder. it was DIY... i edited the recording just a little, to keep the flow of the show, but i think the DIY waves will still crash on your shores. please give it a listen! spoiler: i shared a part of my heart. <3 -- good times bad times is special... you should keep tabs on them!

i suppose i will let you know that the deadline for true self film fest is coming up. submissions so far are so charming. i hope i'll see you or a friend in the volvox inbox by july 29. :)

maybe you would be interested in reading an interview or two which i hosted that have been published since we last spoke: the creative independent ~ tiana dueck

alright, let's get started.

looking around,

p.s. astra king just dropped a new ep today!