one more day

Sep 10, 2023

Dear Gale,

Today is my last full day in the Netherlands.
"Heel de wereld is mijn vaderland."
A quote from Erasmus, a philosopher that Rotterdam is obsessed with. I means, "The whole world is my father(mother)land" (he also apparently said "Women, can't live with them, can't live without them."). I can see this quote as a neon sign on the Rotterdam library from my bedroom window. My residence permit expires on October 3 — I'm moving out today.

It's frustrating that Erasmus's quote is so appreciated, yet it's difficult for folks to get a visa or permit here without meeting specific requirements. In another sense, it seems like something a colonizer would say — and the Dutch have a vast history of that.

Every country is so particular with what foreigners they allow in. I am upset that some humans have really convinced themselves that they have the power to tell another where they can build a home. Regulation is good for keeping nature safe and such... but that doesn't really seem to be a priority of the government's either. It's messy and I'll be glad not to think about it for a while.

I'm going to Scotland with Joel tomorrow! We're going to drive around the highlands... it will be so refreshing to see the nature there. A grand escape before heading home will soothe my existential thoughts, I think.

I was hoping that this trip would help me find perspective on where I want to live, but I'm still uncertain. I don't have a solid answer for what's next for me at the moment. I have a few ideas that I'll keep to myself for now.

I'll create a page on my website for my Scotland Diary. I intend to write every day for those couple of weeks. Depending on my WiFi situation up there, it might be updated late. :)

Safe travels,